survival pack
survival pack


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This is our most popular Advanced Patrol Pack that contains a combination of the most proven critical items that will continue to save lives when involved in any Penetrating Trauma Injury.  All components are self-contained within the MOLLE compatible pouch with internal elastic compartments and dual zippers for easy access and staging.


1-SOF-T Tourniquet

1-Advanced Hemostatic Gauze

1-Vented Chest Seal (twin pack)

1-OSS Combat Compression Dressing

1-28fr Nasopharyngeal

1-14ga Decompression Needle

2-3" Sterile Stretch Gauze Rolls

1-1" Cloth Medic Tape

1-7.5" Rescue Shears

10-4"x4" Non-Woven Gauze Pad

1-Sterile 5"x 8" Trauma Pad

2-Pair of Nitrile Gloves

1-Emergency Blanket