About Us

OSS was launched in 2009 to satisfy the immediate need for a readily available, realistic Officer Survival Kit for every law enforcement officer in harm’s way. Most department-issued “Trauma” kits or police first aid kits do not contain the necessary components to save officers suffering from hemorrhaging or penetrating trauma injuries.

We invented the first pocket-sized Trauma Kit in 2009 designed to treat severe penetrating trauma injuries such as arterial gunshot wounds. OSS kits are some of the most widely used Trauma Kits in Law Enforcement to date. Our kits are deployed every day across the country and are continuing to save lives on a global scale.

Officer Survival Solutions was founded by highly trained, highly decorated veteran police officers and Special Operations combat medics with decades of experience operating in some of the most diverse and volatile regions on the planet.

We have designed and equipped all our packs with the most advanced & proven medical gear available to be used by anyone, even without medical training. We used our combined, real world experiences to create the most advanced kits that are continually deployed and proven effective in the field.

In June of 2022, new management took control of OSS. With the escalation of crime across our country over the last couple years, we want you to know that the solutions we offer are not only for First Responders and Military, but all citizens across our great nation. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves and their loved ones.