military survival kits
military survival kits
military survival kits
military survival kits


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The OSS NSW ADVANCED BATTLE PACK was originally created for and is currently in use by some of our NSW Units operating across the globe.  It has recently been adopted by many SWAT and HRT Teams Nationwide. This Pack is able to be worn on any duty belt or woven into any load-bearing vest.

This “proven” pack contains the critical items to sustain life and treat victims suffering from any penetrating trauma injuries. These items have been reduced in size and made compact enough to fit inside our NSW Belt Pouch, thus completely eliminating the bigger, bulky standard 6”x 9” molle pouch.

This Advanced Pack is completely waterproof and has tear notches for rapid deployment into any environment. This pack is built in compliance with the current Tactical Combat Casualty Care Guidelines.


1-SOF-T Tourniquet 

1-Advanced Hemostatic Gauze

1-Vented Chest Seal (Twin-Pack)

1-14ga. Chest Decompression Needle

1-3” OSS Combat Compression Dressing

1-28fr Nasopharyngeal

1-Pair Nitrile Gloves

1-3" Compressed Gauze