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We are loosing a brother or sister officers every 58 hours in the United States. Felonious assaults and use of a firearm on Police Officers are up 65% from last year at this time. Two Thirds of preventable Police Officers deaths are still due to Hemorrhaging, on scene. A significant impact can be made on these deaths if the officers are equipped with a "proven" trauma kit on their person, not locked away inside the patrol unit. In 2009 Officer Survival Solutions invented the first and only tactical trauma kit small enough to fit inside the uniform of the average patrol officer and still contain the critical components necessary to stop an arterial hemorrhaging gunshot wound. Our OSS Pocket Pack Series kits are the smallest and thinnest in the industry and are able to be concealed during plainclothes or U/C operations. As of January 2015, our OSS Pocket Pack Series kits have been credited with fifteen (15) Officer Lives Saved!

Our OSS kits are designed with scientific and evidence based core items. Our kits are not only designed, tested and deployed by the best in the world, but also "proven" in experience and have documented saves in combat both militarily and on the streets during patrol. Our kits are endorsed and used by numerous Trauma Physicians, Tactical Paramedics and Navy Special Warfare DEVGRU Combat Medics. Times have changed and if we do not change with them we will continue to die in the path.

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