Who We Are

OSS is comprised of highly trained, highley decorated veteran officers, agents and operators from the most recognized special operations units in the world. We have decades of proven experiecnce operating in some of the most diverse and volatile conditions on the planet. Having been directly involved in some of the most deadly encounters in recent history, our combined "real world" experience gives us that edge on creating innovative kits that are "proven in the field". Our Kits our the most widely used and recognized Trauma Kits in Law Enforcmenent to date. Our kits and the deploying Officers/Agents are responsible for Five Hundred Fifty Seven (557) Citizen Lives and 63 Police Officers lives saved globally. Our kits have been deployed thousands of times both in country and abroad. We have all come together for one goal in mind, officer survival. We solely exist to help our brother and sister officers stay safe and Stay Alive!


" It's not a matter of IF, It's a matter of WHEN, and will you be prepared  ? "

      - Marc C. Barry - OSS Founder -


Marc C. Barry

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Police Officer, Gang Unit Detective (ret)

Marc has over twenty-five (25) years of direct Law Enforcement experience in many capacities. As a uniformed Police Officer he worked many street level assignments with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, including; LSP/Undercover Street Crimes Unit and Violent Crimes Federal Task Force. As a Gang Unit Detective Marc worked several Enforcement Teams as well as the Gang Intelligence Section. Marc has held many instructor certifications such as; POST Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, NRA Police Tactical Firearms Instructor, H&K MP5 Sub Machine Gun Master Instructor, Urban Assault Tactics Instructor and many others. Marc has trained well over 10,000 officers and agents worldwide on his various credentialed subjects. Marc has been involved in deadly encounters on the streets as a Police Officer and uses his experiences to help Officers and Agents understand the "real world" deadly encounters during on duty incidents. Marc has served as a government contractor and has been assigned a principle role in many deployments. Marc continues to teach Officer Survival Tactics and speak as an expert on Officer Involved Shootings. Marc founded OSS in 2009 shortly after his friend and former partner was shot and killed in the line of duty.


Jason West

SWAT Team Commander

Law Enforcement Operations / Training

Jason is a twenty-nine (29) year veteran Police Lieutenant, SWAT Team Commander and former Navy Seal. He has planned and executed hundreds of Tactical Operations and developed one of the most regimented Tactical Team training programs in the country. He has experienced several deployments into some of the most hostile environments on the planet. He sits as an advisor on many tactical medicine committes and is a certified Tactical Paramedic. Jason has trained thousands of Officers and Federal Agents on Tactical Medicine, Tactical Operations Planning and Execution. Jason continues to to be a lead instructor for the DHS and CBP on various accredited subjects including field medical training.


Dominic Troffer

Green Beret (ret)

Military Operations / EMS Training

Nic is a veteran of the United States Army Infantry and Special Forces (Green Beret) with multiple combat deployments, he also works extensively as a flight paramedic, executive protection medic, and tactical medical trainer. As a Special Forces Medical Sergeant, Nic worked as a part of a 12-man ODA with a mission set including direct action raids on high value targets, setting-up and running medical clinics in austere environments, and teaching thousands of support and foreign national troops in tactical medicine. Upon exiting the military Nic furthered his medical expertise by obtaining NREMT-Paramedic, Flight Paramedic, and Critical Care Paramedic certifications. While working as a flight paramedic Nic has developed and taught thousands of students in tactical medical courses, for several major companies, with curriculum ranging from basic officer down courses for law enforcement to advanced airway courses for special operations medics. He has also worked throughout latin America as an executive protection specialist and team medic. His passion for translating his wide-ranging experience into simple, accessible courses for law enforcement fits perfectly with the company ethos of equipping all officers with the tools they need to survive and save lives. His goal is to get this lifesaving equipment, training and the simple tools needed to apply it in the field, into the hands of every officer.


Garland Wolf

Police Chief

Law Enforcement / EMS Training

Garland has over twenty-five (25) years of service in Law Enforcement and holds a Master Peace Officer Certification with well over 4000 hours of Law Enforcement Training.  He has trained hundreds of  Police Officers and Federal Agents on Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Reaction Training (ALERT), Self-Aid Budy-Aid (SABA)  and is the former Team Leader and Commander for the Southern Regional Response Group, Special Response Team. (SRRG SRT).  Garland has planned and executed several Mass Casualty and Scalable Emergency Exercise Drills including site facilitator in the North Texas Region Urban Shield Exercisies. He has provided threat assessments, incident action planning, security recommendations and incident command structure to school districts, businesses, municipalities and institutions of higher education throughout the nation. Garland is actively a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Instructor and teaches SWAT Team tactics and tactical operator certification.