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Our OSS Training Division is comprised of highly trained and experienced officers, agents and operators from the most recognized special operations units on the planet. We have decades of real world proven experience in some of the deadliest encounters in recent history. We have all come together for one goal in mind, to help our officers and agents remain safe and come home at night. The tactics and techniques taught in our classes are dirived from real world encounters and combat operations. We specialize in teaching the critical lifesaving tactics and techniques that basic law enforcement acadamies do not. Police Officers are being killed due to lack ot training and access to critical lifesaving equipment. We bridge that gap and teach you what really happens in deadly encounters and how to survive and dominate the threat/s. OSS exists solely to help our brother and sister officers stay alive!


** Many of our classes teach "PROVEN" unconventional tactics and techniques that require strength and composure under stress. Please evaluate yourself before erollment, as you will be required to perform these lifesaving techniques and tactics. **



This course is designed for any LEO that is working in an enforcement capacity in the field. It is custom tailored to ensure the most advanced "PROVEN" tactics for gunfight preparedness and Officer Survival techniques and mindset are absorbed by every officer in the class. The class will also cover an introduction to small unit tactics and tactical medicine used in our Downed Officer Rescue course.  The officers will also learn practical shield deployment in an operational environment ,using the shield and advanced multiple suspect engagements. This course is being taught by Veteran Special Operations Police Officers and Military Special Forces Operators, both with decades of experience in direct gunfight engagements.



 Our Downed Officer Rescue Course is a real world fast paced gunfight medicine class designed for the average Patrol Officer working in the public eye. This class is being taught by instructors in the Military Special Operations Field and veteran SWAT Team leaders both with decades of gunfight and medical experience. The Officers will learn proven tactics for self rescue or rescuing another officer in a dynamic environment. This comprehensive course will tie in medical treatment following the most recent and up to date guidelines. It will help prepare an officer for what he/she may face when involved in an Officer Involved Shooting and or experiencing blood loss due to a significant incurred trauma. This course has helped thousands of Officers and Federal Agents worldwide and is a "PROVEN" lifesaver! 



This class is an eight (8) hour class designed to give the Uniformed Patrol Officer the skills and tactics needed to effectively employ a shield into everyday patrol operations and gain the tactical advantage in any high risk call for service. No longer are shields reserved for tactical teams and tactical operations. With the latest most advanced technology available, OSS has now made it feasible for Patrol Bureaus to obtain and employ Lightweight Level III shields offering "Rifle Protection" for all officers and agents in the field. Awaiting a 30 minute response time from a Tactical Unit to arrive with a heavy car to perform a Downed Officer Rescue just isnt an option anymore when an officer is laying in the street or behind his/her vehicle bleeding to death. This is a physical course requiring strength and composure, it teaches unconventional defensive tactics developed and used in actual engagements, not bookwork or classroom training. 



 "THREAT"  - Threat suppression, Hemorrahage control, Rapid Extraction to safety, Assessment by medical providers and Transport to definitive care.

 This course is one of the major initiatives of the United States Department of Homeland Security and the follow up response to a neutralized or mitigated Active Shooter Event. It allows Law Enforcement to learn how to seemlessly unify with Fire/Rescue amd EMS to conduct force protection and set up casualty collection points for medical personnel. The Rescue Task Force concept provides point of wound care to victims where there is an ongoing threat. These teams treat, stabalize and remove the injured in a rapid manor under protection of armed law enforcement. The Rescue Task Force also allows for a rapid extraction and evacuation down "cleared' routes to designated safe zones. This is a multi-discipline combined training concept that requires participation from both Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS that would be first response in any real world Active Shooter Event. Incident Command fuctions direct the Rescue Task Force to locations where they are needed and are essentially a unified command asset. This course consists of Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS personnel who work together to provide immediate basic medical care to victims. It differs from "Tactical Medic" responsabilities, which generally focuses on medical care for the first responders. This course allows Law Enforcement to learn how to unify with Fire, Rescue ane Emergency Medical Services to conduct force protection and set up casualty collection points for medical personnel. The Rescue Task Force - THREAT course gives students instruction and practical application in the following areas:


}    Brief history on Active Shooter Events

}    Preparation Guidelines and definitions of hot, warm and cold zones

}    Warm Zone operations

}    Team Integration and configuration, Team movements

}    Incident Command Operations

}    Casualty Collection Point considerations and evacuation to definitive care

}    Unified Command 

}    Unified Response and Law Enforcement force protection


** For questions please email us or call us anytime, we are here 24-7 in support of our brother and sister officers, have a great shift and BE SAFE! **

24 Hour Training and Support (808) 640-2083 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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