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This is the first and ONLY of its kind and the only Tactical Throw Light that has this much intensity, durability, operational run time and multiple functions. The TTL has well over an incredible 1000 lumens and is capable of lighting the entire interior of a 40x40 room. With the typical hand held or weapon mounted flashlight the light is focused mainly in direct beams not outcasting more than 5-7 feet. This Throw Light directs lighting in all directions 360 degrees round and upwards. The durability allows you as the deploying officer to throw, skip or bounce the unit in, over, under or through a window (open or closed) as well as tactically deployment of the unit by bouncing it off of walls to make it into a room without placing yourself in the line of fire or sight of a suspect's.


This unit is less than one pound and has multiple settings to deploy in a 3 second delay with constant light or a blinding strobe pattern or both, to visually stun the suspect then completely illuminate his position. The unit has the ability to sense which side is facing up or out and will automatically direct the light to emit those outside direction and not wasting power towards the bottom / ground side. The unit will always sense the direction and emit light instantly. This unit is also equipped with a High Intensity IR light setting and Strobe patterns. It also can be programmed with Blue, Red and Green lights or a combination of those. The carry pouch is equipped with a device to keep the unit in constant operational rediness and will illuminate after three (3) seconds of removal and sensing a stationary platform. This means no accidental illumination of the officer or team that moves to deploy the light.




Product Features

  • White light output: 1,000 lumens      
  • Dimensions: 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" x 1 3/16"       
  • Weight: 148 grams (without batteries)   
  • Power Source: (4) CR-123-A Lithium batteries
  • Patent pending auto-orientation software constantly monitors the unit's position and provides the most effective light output regardless of the orientation.
  • All units except for the Street Cop Special have 18 LEDs (8 high output white and 8 secondary lights either blue, red, or IR). The Street Cop Special only has 8 white LEDs.
  • All units come with standard preset operational programs. Custom programs are available upon reques





  • Windshield: Interior Vehicle Illumination Through the Windshield
  • Infrared (IR): Slow Flashing IR Light for Night Time Illumination or IR Beacon
  • Tactical Throw Light
  • Improvised Runway & LZ Illumination
  • Marking High Value Targets
  • Crime Scene Lighting