Tactical Riot Faceshield (Railmount)


This Tactical Riot faceshield is the only one of its kind being easily and quickly mounted to the rails on your ACH. MICH or PASGT. It is one of the most secure Riot Face Shields in the industry today. This Universal Anti-Fog coated face shield system adapts to most helmets. Designed to fit any ACH, MICH and PASGT style Military helmets equipped with rails. Shield locks into the stowed or deployed positions and can be released with one hand. Pivot and lock assembly can be transferred to the right or left of the shield for individual preference. In an operational response to rioting or other mass demonstartions, it is virtually impossible to stand in one place. These incidents are typically a dynamic and hostile environment for Law Enforcement and the strenuous activety often associated with these events such as; arrests from crowds, deploying into violent crowds throwing a variety of crap at the officers, and physically going hands on to make the arrest most often the officer will experience helmet movements and falling over the brow. These face shields are completely locked into a very sturdy headband platform and will not shift on the officer in these environments.


**Fully deployable with most issued gasmasks used in Law Enforcement and Military applications today**


Rated to NIJ 0104.02 , V-50 and MIL-V-43511C

Made of Lexan Polycarbonate .0250

1.90lbs for entire assembly including rubber sealed headband and pivot lock system