Tactical Medic Support Pack


These compact packs are designed to be used by Professional Emergency Medical Officers and Agents. The packs contain enough critical medical gear to treat any injury that may be encountered in the field or tactical environment. With over 150 items these packs are versatile and extremely lightweight and compact. They are currently being used by a number of Law Enforcemenmt and Fire Rescue Agencies around the country. The packs have multiple zippered pockets and pouches for all medical gear and have a M.O.L.L.E. exterior to create a custom response solution for you and your team.

Pack Contents:

1-Advanced Hemostatic Gauze Z-Fold 3in x 5yrds, 2– OSS Combat Compression Dressing, 25– sterile 4x4 gauze sponges 12 ply, 5—sterile 5x9 trauma pads, 4– sterile 3" Kerlix bandage rolls , 2—flexible 3inch cohesive bandages, 2– SWAT-T wrap tourniquets, 1- SOF T Tourniquet, 6– sterile 3inch conforming stretch gauze rolls, 6– pair of nitrile exam gloves, 4– 1inch cloth tapes, 1– 6 pack emergency oral airways, 1– nasopharyngeal airways 24fr, 2– Vented chest seals, 1– CPR face shield w/ one way safety valve, 1–  rescue shears 7.25in, 1– CPR BVM Resuscitator adult, 1– field I.V. Start kit w/tegaderm, 1– Tension Pneumothorax Decompression Needle 14x3.25