Tactical Medic Drop Rig


This is designed for the Tactical Medic operating in close quarters combat. It is two combined pieces that creates the versitle drop rig;  1-Drop Leg Platform Base and 1- Advanced Patrol Pack with all medical supplies. Can be combined together in any position due to the M.O.L.L.E. system components. Great for special operations environment or tactical operations deployments. Attaches to any duty belt in seconds and has one thigh straps and one belt attachment point .



2-OSS Combat Compression Dressing, 1-SWAT-T Tactical Wrap Tourniquet, 1-SOF T Tourniquet , 1-Advanced Hemostatic Gauze 3"x5yrds Z-Folded, 2-Sterile 5x9 Trauma Dressing, 4- HyFin Vented Chest seals, 3- 3inch rolls of Sterile Gauze, 12- 4x4 12ply Sterile Gauze Pads, 4- Compressed Gauze Packs, 1- Chest Decompression Needle Kit, 1- Nasopharyngeal 28fr, 1- set of rescue shears, 2- Pair of Blue Nitrile Gloves, 2- 1in Medical Tape, 1- CPR face shield w/ one way safety valve 1- Drop Leg Platform Molle System, 1- Advanced Patrol Pack Medic Pouch.