School Classroom Trauma Kits

The ability to truely STOP an attack or combat threats in our schools is out of our control. What we CAN control is our ability to mitigate the death and injuries caused by the felonious actions committed by the sick and twisted. We can have direct life saving measures in place, in all classrooms, to save lives! We have learned from the many years past involving active shooter incidents, terrorist style attacks and other random acts of violence in schools, that the single most widely experienced life threatening injury is due to severe and uncontrollable hemorrhaging. At OSS we have used our decades of experieience in this area to create and deploy these critical lifesaving kits throughout hundreds of schools in the country. The ability to save a life is an action we should encourage, support and provide to our teachers and students. We MUST equip them with simple lifesaving measures that can be used in any catastrophic event or where injuries are present. There should never be a society that accepts casualties strung out throuought our schools but in todays society this is a reality and we MUST face it head on. 


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