Public Response Bleeding Control Cabinet


This product is in support of our Nations Stop The Bleed campaign launched by the DHS. The Public Response Bleeding Control Cabinet is an all in one Emergency Response Cabinet and Training Center . It comes complete with ten (10) individual throw kits for individual victims and all critcal items needed when treating several victims suffering from severe trauma injuries including massive uncontrolled blood loss. The kits are all self contained in a professional sling pack designed to grab and go or worn over the body while deploying kits. This portable yet professional bag allows you to grab the pack and respond anywhere with all 10 lifesaving kits. This Cabinet is a readily identifiable and internationally designated  medical cabinet made of  lightweight and rugged aluminum.  It is alarmed for extra security and warning/awareness to deployments in public areas.  This cabinet keeps all integral medical kits secure but ready to deploy instantly. The ten (10) Pocket Bleeding Control Kits /  throw kits contain a tourniquet, a Combat Compression Bandage, Sterile Packing Gauze, a set of nitrile gloves and a field instruction / Casualty Care Card. These individual kits can be dropped, kicked or thrown to individual victims in or around a mass casualty scene. The critical lifesaving items contained in these kits are currently used by medical staff to treat life threatening injuries such a those incurred by penetrating trauma injuries with severe blood loss. This Bleeding Control Cabinet is currently in use at several public malls, places of worship, mass transit areas , schools and various buisnesses globally.


This cabinet is also a complete training center and contains an OSS Training Module on the inside of the cabinet. The Training Module is removable and deployable into any environment. It has everything you need to teach any and all staff that may have to deploy these lifesaving items into a critical incident. It also comes with a Practical Application video and Training Powerpoint to aid those learning about the use of these kits. 


** More Complete Training Programs available from OSS, please see Training Section in our menu on this website or contact us directly at (760) 696-0120 **

    This also comes with 24 hour Training Support which allows instant access to our in house Veteran Combat Medics and medical professionals ie; various endorsing ER Physicians and Trauma Surgeons throughout the nation.



Public Response Bleeding Control Cabinet Includes;

1- Professional Response Sling Pack 

          2-Pair Rescue Shears

         10-Pair of Large Nitrile EMS Gloves

         10-Pocket  Bleeding Control  Packs: (contains)

                 10 Tourniquets

                 10 OSS Combat Compression Bandages

                 10 Pairs of Nitrile Gloves

                 10 Field Instruction / Casualty Cards


 1- OSS Training Module ( Removable )

         Training Tourniquets

         Training Compression Bandages

         Training Casualty Cards w/ Marker