Personal Bleeding Control Pack


This kit is in support of our nations Stop The Bleed campaign launched by the DHD. The pack remains small and compact like our Original "Pocket Pack"  but it offers the popular SOF T tourniquet (currently standard issue for many Emergency Services Departments and Military ) . This trauma pack is designed to be carried and deployed in any incident where the need to stop blood loss is present. The ability to save a life due to blood loss is critical but being prepared with the right pack is paramount. This easy to use pack contains the critical items needed to stop sever arterial hemorrhaging by applying a tourniquet and dressing the wound in preparation of advanced life care arrival. This pack is designed for the average citizen with minimal training. Comes with our Training video covering practical application and demonstrations.


Purchase of this kit allows you 24 hour and instant access to our in house Veteran Combat Medics and extensive list of ER Physicians and Trauma Surgeons nationwide.



SOF T Tourniquet

OSS Combat Compression Bandage

Compressed Sterile Gauze 3'x5yrds

Emergency Rescue Shears 5.5'

Pair of Nitrile Gloves


Field Application Card