Public Use Bleeding Control Kits

Severe hemorrhaging and traumatic injuries are the number one cause of death for Americans between the ages of 1 and 46. It is also the number three cause of death overall in the United States.  Major hemorrhaging related death can happen less than 5 minutes.


The Emergency Services Professionals of OSS are committed to provide the general public with the critical lifesaving items and knowledge to stop life threatening bleeding in any situation. OSS provides basic hemorrhage control techniques and field application of critical lifesaving medical items now made available to the general public. Injuries experienced in Active Shooter and mass casualty incidents are often so devastating that you can bleed out before first responders can arrive. The fact is that you as a citizen will always be first on scene and with the right medical items and application techniques you will save lives.


We created these lifesaving medical kits that are currently in use and deployed throughout the country in many Schools, Malls, Mass Transit Areas, Office Complexes and Universities. These kits have been proven in the field and shown 100% effective when used correctly. The Professionals at OSS have been saving lives for decades and we use that same experience to create these proven lifesaving kits for public use.

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Active Shooter Mass Casualty...

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Compact Advanced Trauma Kit

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