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*SALE* Trauma Plate Pack - Advanced Hemostatic Gauze


This is our original Trauma Plate Pack design combined with an Advanced Hemostatic Gauze 3"x39" Z-Folded. It is designed to be carried " on the officer" in almost any pocket in or under the uniform including your body armor. The outer dimensions of the pack is approx. 5x8 making it completely unseen when placed in a variety of pockets. The pack itself is our specifically designed "skip pack" rugged enough to be skipped, thrown or kicked across a pavement surface to a wounded officer if he/she is inside a hot zone and rescue is not readily available. The capabilities of the Advanced Hemostatic Gauze are much broader due to the material being 5yards of 3inch hemostatic gauze in a z-fold configuration.


Advanced Hemostatic Gauze 3"x39" Z-folded, SWAT T Tactical Wrap Tourniquet, OSS Combat Compression Dressing 3in, Nitrile Gloves, 3inch Compressed Gauze and a Field Tourniquet Application Card.