Trauma Plate Pack Advanced


This is similar to our Original Trauma Plate Pack design but incorporates a multitude of additional critical items. This kit is built to the new TCCC guidelines and recommendations. This kit is designed to be carried "on the officer" and fits in almost any pocket on or under the uniform including the body armor. This kit is thin enough to be completely hidden yet easily accesible to deploy in any environment, The OSS Trauma Plate Packs are still the thinnest and most plyable kits in the industry at a total thickness of less than 1/2 inch. These kits are built to last four years in all environments.

Contents: 3'x39" Advanced Hemostatic Gauze Z-Folded,  Vented Chest Seal, SWAT T Tourniquet, 3inch compression wrap, 28fr Nasopharyngeal (NPA w/550 ), pair of nitrile gloves , 3in compressed gauze, casualty card, 18ga Chest Decompression Needle, 1-Sharpie Marker and a field application card all self contained in our exclusive "Skip Pack" designed to be thrown, kicked, slid across any surface to a downed officer that immediate rescue is not possible. This is also available in our original Generation I packaging. Please specify when ordering