Patrol Pocket Pack / Pocket Gunshot Survival Kit



In 2009 the Tactical Medic Police Officers and Special Operations Combat Medics of OSS created the first and only pocket gunshot survival pack. It is specifically designed to be carried " on the officer" and fit inside a standard uniform shirt pocket without being obstructive to everyday patrol operations. At a size of 3x5, this vital lifesaving pack fits into any uniform shirt breast pocket yet contains all the advanced medical supplies needed to treat any penetrating trauma injury such as: an arterial gunshot or stab wound. The pack itself is our specifically designed "skip pack" rugged enough to be skipped, thrown or kicked across a pavement surface to a wounded officer if he/she is inside a hot zone and rescue is not readily available. The Patrol Pocket Pack now makes it feasible for every officer to carry a lifesaving kit on their person where it belongs. More than 2/3 of all preventable police officer deaths is due to hemorrhaging (the officer bleeds to death) this pack will have a direct and immediate impact on these sickening statistics. Now our "OSS Tac-Wrap" Tactical Tourniquet has been included in this kit as the primary tourniquet. The Tac-Wrap Tourniquet is the most versitile, instinctive, simple to use tourniquet that has a one handed principle in mind for deployment and application. This tourniquet can be effectively used on Adults, Toddlers, Canines and Equestrian units. It is a multi-use tourniquet that is easily and instinctively applied with one hand in under (6) seconds


With purchase of this kit, we will send a Training Powerpoint to help aide in training Officers and others in the Techniques of Self Aide/Buddy Aide and Rescue principles.


This kit is specifically designed with a one hand deployment principle in place. You never know where you may take that round and having a kit is paramount but having a kit that can be deployed with one hand is a critical !



OSS Tac-Wrap Tourniquet,

Hemostatic Gauze,

OSS Combat Compression Dressing 3",

Nitrile Gloves (L),

Field Application Card,

Casualty Card