Kangaroo Pouch Med Kit System

OSS Body Armor kangaroo pouch


This is our carry system for all of the newer concealable body armor vests that do not have a trauma plate pocket or pouch already stitched into the carrier. This kangaroo pouch is designed to hold our Trauma Plate Packs and measures 6x8. it is very flat and plyable, less than 1/4 inch. The Wide velcro on both sides will match your vest straps with ease. The location being midline and just above the belt makes this a very accessible area to retrieve your kit if you only have use of one hand. Most officers can retrieve and deploy the kit in under six (3) seconds.


**This Kit includes our hugely popular OSS Trauma Plate Pack Tactical Gunshot Survival Kit and the Kangaroo pouch ** ( as pictured )