Patrol Pack (IFAK)

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This kit is one of the most common trauma kits used widely by both Law Enforcement and Military today. It is designed for all police departments and law enforcement agencies as a standard trauma kit / officer survival pack. It directly combats any multiple penetrating trauma wounds and the design allows for easy storage under the seat, in/on the MDT console or mounted on the headrest. With the Molle compatible bag, it can also be used by any tactical team member or officer using a Molle equipped vest or any load bearing platforms. It contains enough vital lifesaving medical supplies to stop the bleed and dress the wound for transport or arrival of Advanced Life Care. This kit if fully secured and contained within the multiple elastic fastners and has dual zippers for easy deployment and access.



  • 1- SWAT-T Tactical Wrap Tourniquet,
  • 1- OSS Combat Compression Dressing,
  • 1- 3x8 Advanced Hemostatic Gauze,
  • 10- 4x4 12ply Sterile Gauze Pads,
  • 2- 3in Sterile Gauze roll,
  • 1- Rescue Shears 7.25",
  • 1- 1" Cloth Medical Tape,
  • 1- 5x9 Trauma Dressing,
  • 1- HyFin vented chest seal,
  • 2- Pair Reinforced Blue Nitrile Gloves,
  • 1- 6x9 Molle Medical Duty Bag