NIJ Level IIIA Concealable Soft Armor Vest

Sales price: $650.00
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Our NIJ Level IIIA Concealable Soft Armor Vest is a much lighter, more comfortable fitting platform that allows free, unrestrictive movements making it easier to wear throughout your shift. The newly designed vest carrier is made with moisture wicking fibers to further improve its comfort over longer periods of wear, and has front and rear Rifle Armor Plate Pockets that support multiple sized plates. This new design is multi-hit capable, has adjustable straps for freedom of movement, extensive side protection, easily maintained removable panels and overall great weatherability. The carrier is machine washable. 


Compliant with NIJ 0101.06 requirements

Thickness:    .3in

Weight:         4.21 pounds

Material:      PE Fabrics


Chest Size (inches):

X Small:         32-36

Small:             34-38

Medium:      37-41

Large:            40-44

X-Large:        42-48



40GR .22 caliber LR/LRN

95GR .380 ACP FMJ RN

124GR 9mm FMJ RN

180GR .40 S&W FMJ

158GR .357 Mag JSP

240GR .44 Mag JHP