Advanced "LIGHTWEIGHT" Level IV Rifle Plate


**LATEST TECHNOLOGY**  NEW LIGHTWEIGHT LEVEL IV CERAMIC RIFLE PLATE.  We have finally created the lightest Ceramic NIJ 0101.06 Level IV Rifle Plate available to date. In the past year, seventeen (17)  Police Officers have been shot "through" their concealable Level IIIA duty vests and this tactical nighmare continues to rise. The weapons being faced on most Active Shooter and  Ambush Attacks are simply too powerful for the archaeic issued IIIA. These new exclusive lightweight Level IV plates are an absolute game changer. They are now (ONLY 5.5lbs) and thin enough to be added to any concealable IIIA duty vest or any carrier currently available today. These are a "multi triple curve" plate that conforms to the human body and allows for a much more comfortable fit and continues to offer a stable shooting platform when shouldering a rifle. It will not restrict, interfere or block the buttstock of your rifle when engaging threats and moving with your weapon. This latest advancement in armor plates provides all around protection againt the 7.62 and 5.56 green tip Armor Piercing rounds as well as the 30.06 and .308 projectiles. With these stand alone plates you do not need a backer or soft armor panel behind it. Each plate is (ONLY 5.5LBS) the lightest NIJ 0101.06 Rifle Plate available today and is exclusive to Officer Survival Solutions. This plate is not only much lighter but is also much thinner than any other standard Level IV plate. (ONLY 3/4").  We apply a drop pad before the plate is wrapped in a washable cover to further protect against accidental drops. These plates are rapidly becoming the new standard issue for most Law Enforcment due to the level of protection they provide and unparralelled lightweight technology.


As in most cases, the newest and most advanced technology is often the most expensive. NOT ANYMORE, Officer Survival Solutions is a FOR COPS, BY COPS company and our goal is to stop these threats immediately and protect our own. With that said we are "Lowering" our price for these New Technology plates and they will be our "Standard Issue" plates in ALL our Armor Rigs and Vest Packages. For any questions please dont hesitate to reach out to us at any time. we have a 24hr "urgent" line available to any Officer or Agent that may need to reach us immediately.



7.62x63mm-AP M2

7.62x63mm - JSP
7.62x54R - B32 API

7.62x54R - L/LPS

7.62x51mm - M80
7.62x39mm-Ball/Steel Core/ API

5.56x45mm - M193