*SALE* OSS NIJ CERTIFIED Lightweight Level III Stand Alone Armor Plates


Our OSS Level III Lightweight plate is a 10x12 multi hit stand alone triple curved plate designed for all Law Enforcement and Special Operations Units. This plate is Special operations engineered to be positive buoyant, in addition to weighing just 3 pounds in our triple curve model. The Level III will defeat multiple 7.62x51 FMJ and all small arms munitions. The Ultra High Weight Molecular Polyethylene is designed and manufactured in the USA and are built to exceed the standards set forth by the National Institute of Justice's standards for an NIJ 0101.06 Certifications for a stand alone plate. Anyone who depends on superior protection in the most dangerous situations can depend on the strength and quality of this Level III stand-alone rifle plate. (price is per plate)


    • High Performance
    • 10"x12" Multi Hit Stand Alone
    • Triple-Curve, SAPI/ESAPI-Cut
    • 3.0 lbs. (1.36 kg)
    • Thickness:3/4"
    • Polyethylene
    • 600 Denier Water Resistant Cover
    • Positive Buoyant
    • NIJ 0101.06 Certified
    • 5.56x45mm
    • 5.56x45mm - M193
    • 7.62x51mm
    • 7.62x51mm - M80 FMJ
    • 7.62x39mm
    • 7.62x39mm - Ball
    • 7.62x39mm - FMJ