Active Shooter Trauma Module


The OSS Active Shooter Trauma Module is a mass casualty pack that is currently being used by hundreds of Law Enforcement and Medical Teams globally. It is designed to be deployed by any Law Enforcement or Medical professional actively assigned into an Active Shooter or Mass Casualty Incident and can be attached to any Rifle Vest or Entry Vest currently being worn by officers on these scenes. On these ever present and continual Active Shooter scenes with mass casualties, lifesaving measures can be taken immediately without having to extract the victims to Rescue/Medical personnel. This Trauma Module is packed with critical life-saving items designed to stop the bleeding and prepare victims for arrival of advanced critical care. After the scene is secured, we as officers can now save lives without a sometime lengthly extraction procedure or wait time on advanced life care. This pack is a rugged 8x11 Trauma Pack with dedicated elastic straps and pouches for an organized system for the critical medical items (included). It has a complete molle backing and front for multiple mounting positions on any entry or rifle style vest. The pack is designed for treating multiple casualties and is very lightweight (2lbs) and eliminates the need to use your own critical lifesaving gear on victims. "You can't save a life if you're not in the fight!"


Included items:

  4 - Tourniquets

  2 - OSS Combat Compression Bandages

  8 - Sterile Gauze Rolls 3"

32 - Sterile 4x4 woven Gauze Pads

  4 - Sterile 5x9 Blood Stop Pads

  2 - Pairs Rescue Shears

  2 - Cloth Tapes 1"

  4 - Pairs of Nitrile Gloves (L)

  2 - Pressure Bandages 6" Elastic

  4 - Emergency Blankets