PATROL OPERATIONS BAG (gunshot survival pack included)


The Patrol Operations Bag was designed for field operations officers to carry everything you need and any additional items such as patrol rifle magazines, back-up firearms system, restraint devices or rescue equipment. The bag is 10x13x4 with multiple pockets and zipper pouches to contain all patrol equipment. The bag is fully equipped with a Rapid Response Pack containing gunshot survival items essential for treating any penetrating trauma injury such as an arterial gunshot wound.

Contents include one "Rapid Response Pack" containing;

Celox Hemostatic Gauze (twin pack), 1-OSS Combat Compression Bandage, 1-SWAT-T Tourniquet, 6-Sterile 4x4 Gauze Pads, 1-5x9 Trauma Pad, 1-Chest Seal, 1-Rescue Shears, 2-Pair Nitrile Gloves