Patrol Bailout Bag (gunshot survival pack included)


This Bailout Bag was designed for various Patrol Operations Bureaus throughout the country. It is equipped with three exterior patrol rifle magazine pouches and multiple inner velcro and elastic pockets.The entire 12x8x6 side is covered in M.O.L.L.E system making it easy to design a custom response solution that works for you.The shoulder straps and bilateral zippers make it easy to throw and go and gain access with either hand in all situations.

Contents include one "Rapid Response Pack" containing;

Celox Hemostsic Gauze Pack (twin pack), 1-OSS Combat Compression Bandage, 1-SWAT-T Tourniquet, 6-Sterile 4x4 Gauze Pads, 1-5x9 Trauma Pad, 1-Chest Seal, 1-Rescue Shears, 2-Sterile 3in Stretch Gauze Rolls, 2-Pair Nitrile Gloves