OSS TAC II Lightweight Plate Carrier

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The OSS TAC II is our newly designed Lightweight Rifle Plate Carrier. It is specifically designed for all areas of assignment and is rapidly becoming the new go to platform for both Patrol and Tactical assignments. It is much lighter and more durable than most carriers and has the ability within the platform to accomodate a much wider array of Officer/Agent assignments and preferred method of carry for tactical gear. The NEW design now incorporates both a rapid throw and go carrier and a much more rugged cumberbund design that is completely customizable and removable. The cumberbund is now available to open and hold soft panels or a dedicated 6x6 hard Rifle Plate and has a removable pocket for quick changes. The interior of the cumberbund can also now accomodate extra gear such as a Trauma Kit or extra magazines in order to maintain a sleek and smooth front for increased physical activety or rapid movements. The front and back panels have a set of  3"x 8" moisture wicking mesh padding system for increased cumfort and reliability on lond assignments. 


}  Extremly Lightweight and a Lower Profile than most

}  Multiple rapid adjustment points for a completely custom fit

}  Fits over uniform and designed to be donned in less than nine (9) seconds

}  Reinforced stiching for durability 

}  Designed to hold both Hard Rifle Plates and Soft Panels if desired

}  Dedicated 6x6 removable pockets for side armor

}  Rear Rescue Drag Strap for Downed Officer Rescues

}  3"x 8" Moisture Wicking Pad Sytem front and rear panels

}  Equipped with removable cumberbund and 2" quick release buckle system for Officer/Agent preference

}  Hollow reinforced cumberbund designed to fit side armor and or extra gear inside



2013 NTOA Member tested and recommended 

Over 350 Documented Lives Saved since 2009

Developed in 2009 by our Tactical Medic Police Officers and Special Operations Combat Medics, this is the our Generation II Trauma Plate Pack. The overall design has been improved to create much less of a footprint in your pocket and still remain the thinnest in the industry. The pack is created to fit in almost any pocket in and under the uniform including your body armor thus keeping the kit "on the officer" where it will be immediately accessible and not locked away in the patrol car. This advanced design is made of a material that is proven to withstand minor slices or punctures and rugged enough to be skipped, thrown or kicked across a pavement surface to a wounded officer if he/she is inside a hot zone and rescue is not readily available.. The overall thickness of this pack is approx 1/4 inch. It is very thin and plyable making it effortless to access and comfortable to wear. The shelf life of the pack is listed at 4 years but is expected to last well beyond depending on the environment in which you operate. It has the same critical items as all our Original Patrol Pocket Pack Series Kits.

This kit is specifically designed with a one hand deployment principle in place. You never know where you may take that round and having a kit is paramount but having a kit that can be deployed with one hand is a critical!


1- Hemostatic Gauze 3"x9", 1- OSS Combat Compression Dressing 1- SWAT-T Tactical Wrap Tourniquet, 1- 3" Compressed Gauze, 1- Pair of Blue nitrile gloves, 1- Tourniquet Field Application Card, all contained in our uniquely designed "skip pack".