Emergency Rapid Response Vest

Sales price: $605.00


The Emergency Rapid Response Vest or commonly referred to as a Task Force Vest is our solution to the vast range of Emergency Responders or Rescue Personnel to any Active Shooter or Random Violent Act Environment, or any other mass casualty incident that contains a threat to public safety and safety of the citizens at large. This is designed to be thrown on and secured in less than 8 seconds. The plate carrier includes two (2) OSS Advanced Ceramic/FRP Level IV NIJ " certified "  10x12 Stand Alone, Multi Hit Capable Armor plates that weigh only 7lbs. It is has full front and back coverage with multiple load out capacity. It has a complete Tactical Medic fast kit designed to treat mutiple severe penetrating trauma Injuries and extra Tourniquet for the wearer should they become in need. This platform carrier is fully adjustable with  2" snap buckles on the internal waist strap. Its made rugged enough to take the abuse of trunk carry or multiple deployments. With this rig, rescuers can now deploy with Police and Law Enforcement into a hot zone to save lives while remaining safe themselves.

Currently in use by:  Fire Department Personnel, Paramedics, EMT's, First Responders and multiple Task Force Personnel.


Kit contains:

2- OSS Level IV NIJ "certified" 10x12 Stand Alone, Multi Hit Capable, Advanced Ceramic/FRP armor plates weighing only 7lbs

1- Plate carrier , shoulder padding and complete load out capable front, and rear coverage area

1- Tactical Medic Chest Rig ( fully stocked )

1- Additional CAT Tourniquet for exterior carry

1- Tourniquet Pouch