BREACHER Tactical Level III Patrol Rifle Shield


The BREACHER is specifically designed with Patrol use in mind as it is significantly lighter and our unique design includes an assist on both sides of the shield for Patrol Rifle deployment and full hand coverage. Smaller, Lighter FASTER...


This is an additional  OSS solution to the 30 minute response time for a SWAT Unit to respond with a heavy car to conduct a Downed Officer Rescue. Among other options ie; patrol car use of cover, long gun support ect... The is our Level III lightweight shield designed specifically for a rapid patrol deployment to provide immediate rifle protection and defeat multiple rifle rounds. In this day and age, there should not be a time that an officers has to lie in the street or behind his car bleeding to death until a Tactical Unit with a Heavy Car can come rescue him. Unfortunately 99% of the shields that are currently carried and deployed by "Patrol" units are a simple Level IIIA Pistol Round defense and will not even slow down a rifle round. The ballistic capabilities of suspects faced these days by Patrol Officers are increasingly becoming 7.62 and 5.56 dominant and a IIIA shield is not going to provide cover for you or your element. OSS is comprised of Cops and Special Operations Combat Medics with decades of experience and we fully understand the budgetary constraints placed on most State, Local and County agencies when faced with purchasing "Officer Safety" Items. A typical Level III shield that offers rifle Protection is between 4600.00 and 5800.00. This is why most agencies do not possess that level of protection for their "Patrol Divisions" and are allocated more for Tactical / SWAT Units. This practice is archaeic, unsafe and simply UNACCEPTABLE in todays Officer Safety standards. OSS is once again changing the industry and making it safer for our brother and sister officers by putting lives before profit and offering these shields at a Patrol Division price.

Shield Size is 36"x20" Port Size 9"x4.5" Weight is only 25lbs and only less than 1" thick. NIJ STD-0108.01 Level III Capable of defeating multiple projectiles from 7.62x51mm M80 FMJ, 7.62x39mm and 5.56 M193 rounds. This includes the 9"x4.5" Ballistic glass viewport on the shield. The shield is curved to defeat direct side impact shots and offer superior operator protection. The shield is equipped with an ambidextrious arm hold system and handle with blunt trauma protection to the officers hands/arms on any direct hit/s. It also has a universal sling for operator ease and deployment options. Ten (10) year warranty



**OSS now includes a FREE Rapid Release sling specifically designed for this shield in Shield Operations and deployments for close quarter tactics.**