Level IIIA Backpack Insert



In a response to our overwhelming  requests for our NIJ Level IIIA Backpack Soft Inserts, OSS has marked the price down by 50%....Normal Retail price  is 140.00

We all have kids and to think of a round striking one of them is life altering. We decided to mark our hugely popular Soft IBallistic nserts down by 50% Off to help get these into the backpacks of the kids that want that extra sense of protection. Our NIJ Level IIIA Soft panels are 11x14 and are less than 1/2" in thickness and weigh only 1lb. These inserts are capable of defeating multiple strikes and have a soft trauma pad on the inside to dampen the striking velocity of any round.


** Parents please keep in mind to educate the child in how to and how not to use this as a portable shield in needed as they back away from or runaway from the threat and to keep the backpack in between them and the threat as they move to cover or an exit. OSS Instructors are all available  ( 24 Hours a day ) for advice or help in explaining these tactics to your children. Its more than just giving a child an insert and saying good luck. There is a little bit of education involved and how to escape a threat. Please also take into consideration the childs age and mental ability to understand these tactics when in a crisis and often times panic mode. We are dedicated to keeping yours safe and please call on us 24 hours a day for help or advice. (858) 776-4425.