*SALE* Emergency Preparedness 72 Hour Family Hard Case (Includes Solar Power Unit)

72 Hour FAMILY of Four Earthquake / Emergency Preparedness Professional hard case
Sales price: $425.00


In todays society the threat of natural disasters or tragic widespread events is an increrasingly dominent threat. Accordnig to NASA, California will experience a large 7.0 or above Earthquake within the next 24 months. They are 99.9% certain this WILL HAPPEN. Those are absolutely staggering statistics and an from an extremely credited agency that we should take heed and get prepared.

OSS Earthquake kits and Emergency Preparedness kits are created, designed, tested and are currently in use by thousands of Emergency Services Personnel and First Responders across the planet. We used our decades of professional, direct, real world expierience to create these kits to be a true LIFESAVING kit. We build them in accordance with FEMA and CALEMA standards ( not just a backpack full of MRE food, bandaids and a flashlight ) but an actual "LIFESAVING KIT". The time to find out what you need is not when it hits the fan and you deploy your "Survival Kit" only to find nothing that will save your life.

In any Natural Disater or unforseen Emergency situation where society's normal operation is affected, if not completely destroyed, you must be able to sustain life and survive for at the minimum of 72 hours. If you happen to be able to find communication and are able to reach out for help, the odds are your not going to get it anytime quickly. Police, Fire Rescue and Advanced Life Care Services will all be stretched thin and may not be able to respond to you for a number of reasons. You will be on your own for at least 72 hours. Our OSS Earthquake / Emergency Preparedness Kits are designed for just that situation in mind. We have equipped the professional tools needed to escape a collapsed structure or effect a rescue on a trapped family member or others and have the immediate means needed to treat Traumtic Inury and sustain life for 72 hours with food and water as weel as keep yourself safe with personal protective gear also included. These critical lifesaving items are all contained in an extremley lightweight, readily identifyable compcat backpack or sling pack. This kit can be easily deployed and carried from a number of different positions and is good for 25 years.




The Time to prepare is not as the lights go out and the ground shakes untill your roof collapses. IT is now that you MUST be prepared to save your life or the life of someone you love!

**OSS Emergency Preparedness "FAMILY" Pack Includes everythis below in quantities of four (4) thismis specifically designed and developed for a family of four**

Everything here is neatly packed into our Professional Emergency Services Hard Case with sealed bearing abec 8 wheels. This case is crush proof, water proof, and has four air release valve buckles with an extendable handle for easy deployment.



72 hours of food (multiple meals, variety of foods) for family of four (4) people

72 Hours of Water for family of four (4) people

Advanced Trauma/First Aid Kit with instructions (72 pieces or critical medical gear ) with rescue shears

Custom Etrenchment Tool ie; AX, Hammer, Prybar and door hindge remover (all in one custom handtool)

MultiUse Expandable shouvel with serrated cutting edge and protective pouch

Survival Steel 8" Knife with a feracium fire starter and 100feet of 550 paradcord (all contained in a protective sheath)

Pair of protective Leather gloves with leather reinforced palm and velcro wrist strap x 4

Professional Flashlight (600 Lumens and waterproof) Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue approved

Personal Respirator that meets or exceeds NIOSH and OSHA standards x 4

Emergency 60 x 80 Blanket x 4

100 feet of a nylon blend professional climbing rope

Roll of 2" duct tape



This Multi-Functional Solar Charger Panel is a high-efficiency solar cell with an ultra slim power bank with a rechargeable lithium battery. The solar charger charges in direct sunlight in 2 to 3 hours or on your PC in 2 hours. The polycrystalline panels produce 1.76 watts per panel. The solar panel includes 1 USB and one discharging cable, six interchangeable connectors, a case with adjustable stand and hooks & loop straps for attaching to backpack.