SOF T Tourniquet Kit (soft pouch)

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What we have found in the recent years is that most officers are carrying a Tourniquet but not on their body. OSS has done extensive research as well as actual deployments with these newly developed Soft Pouch Duty Belt Kits. These will allow the officers and agents the ability to carry the TQ on their person where it belongs. Unfortunately most deplartments and agencies are only able to purchase the Tourniquet but not a solution to keep it on the officers. Most officers are throwing them in the glovebox, in their go bag or even in the MDT Console. Making them completely useless after you leave the patrol vehicle on a call for service or hasty exit during a foot pursuit. Countless officers have been shot with bright new shiney Tourniquets back in their vehicle renedering it totally useless. OSS has come up with this soft duty belt TQ kit that enables the officer to maintain comfort while keeping them safe. It is our main fight to get the officers to realize the importance of having this item on the person and ready for an immediate and rapid deployment. OSS is " BY COPS FOR COPS" so we have developed and went into immediate production of these Duty Belt Kits thus eliminating the excuse of not having a way to carry it on their person. We offer these well below any other company in the industry because it is our mission to help our own. These Tourniquet Belt Kits are extreamly durable and keep the TQ secure with a 1" velcro strap and adjustable flap for deployment into any environment. The coverage of the TQ will allow years of protection in some of the most inclimate weather such as dry desert heat or arctic cold. These Duty Belt Tourniquet Kits are a multi directional mount and can be affixed verticall, horizontally and on any MOLLE Platform ie: Plate Carriers, Entry Vests and Go Bags.



SOF T Tourniquet

1000 Denier Cordura TQ Pouch


The SOF® Tactical Tourniquet (SOFT-T) is one of the top performing tourniquets currently available. It is the tourniquet of choice for many of the world's most elite and experienced warriors who have selected it for its outstanding ability to control severe bleeding, high level of reliability and ease of application. While some military units have replaced their issue tourniquets with the SOFT-T, others military units have implemented SOP's stating that the SOFT-T is to be used on all lower extremity bleeds. That means the SOFT-T is the tourniquet that trusted to control the most severe extremity hemorrhage on the battlefield.

The key to successful implementation of a device to be used in a high stress environment is training and ease of use. For law enforcement officers, application of the tourniquet is similar to the use of a hobble. This existing level of familiarity reduces training time and aids in the effectiveness of the device. 


  • 100% Effective. Proven to be 100% effective during US Army Institute of Surgical Research testing.
  • Simple application. The SOFT-T is applied the same to an arm or leg. Unlike other tourniquets that require you to learn two methods of application and implement the proper method when under stress, the SOFT-T is applied the same way to an arm or leg. By accounting for the factors of human performance in combat we have minimized the risk of failure. Applying a tourniquet should not be a multiple choice exam, it should be simple and straight forward. The SOFT-T provides the necessary effectiveness with an unmatched level of simplicity to increase the overall effectiveness of the device.
  • Durability. The SOFT-T is constructed of quality, high strength materials. The tourniquet handle is machined from a solid piece of aircraft aluminum and maintains its strength in extreme temperatures. The tri-rings are molded Acetyl, a high impact plastic that will also maintain its strength in extreme operating conditions.
  • Reliable. The SOF® Tactical Tourniquet is designed to reduce the chance of accidental release or mechanical failure. Unlike other materials including Velcro, the fastening system will perform when soiled, muddy, frozen, or wet.
  • Safety set screw prevents accidental release of pressure during tactical patient movement. The screw is not required to gain hemorrhage control, but it is recommended if the patient will be moved in a tactical environment.
  • Dual locking rings offer a back up locking system.

Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 6" H x 2" W x 2.5" D

Weight: 4.8 oz