Trauma Plate Pack - Tactical Gunshot Survival Kit




( Most widely used Trauma Kit in Law Enforcement across the Nation )

Our Trauma Plate Pack, Tactical Gunshot Survival Kit is designed specifically to be carried "on the officer" just like our other OSS Trauma Plate Packs. The only difference is the "OSS Tac-Wrap" Tactical Tourniquet has been included in this kit as the primary tourniquet. The Tac-Wrap Tourniquet is a the most versitile, instinctive, simple to use tourniquet that has a one handed principle in mind for deployment and application. This tourniquet can be effectively used on Adults, Toddlers, Canines and Equestrian units. It is a multi-use tourniquet that is easily and instinctively applied with one hand in under (6) seconds. The outer dimensions of the pack is approx. 6x8 making it completely unseen when placed in the various pockets in, on or under the uniform including your body armor. The pack itself is our specifically designed  "skip pack" rugged enough to be skipped, thrown or kicked across a pavement surface to a wounded officer if he/she is inside a hot zone and rescue is not readily available. The overall thickness of this pack is approx 1/4 inch. It is very thin (thinnest in the industryand plyable making it effortless to access and comfortable to wear. The shelf life of the pack is listed at 4 years but is expected to last well beyond depending on the environment in which you operate.  With purchase of this kit, we will send a Training Powerpoint to help aide in training Officers and others in the Techniques of Self Aide/Buddy Aide and Rescue principles.

This kit is specifically designed with a one hand deployment principle in place. You never know where you may take that round and having a kit is paramount but having a kit that can be deployed with one hand is a critical !



OSS Tac-Wrap Tourniquet,

Hemostatic Gauze,

OSS Combat Compression Dressing 3",

Nitrile Gloves (L),

Field Application Card,

Casualty Card